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We built a 9.48 mile system using a stacked loop design. There are around 4.5 miles of very beginner friendly trail, 3.6 miles of intermediate, and around 1.6 miles of advanced trail. We built this off the design work of an engineering company. This trail will be very user friendly as there are multiple short cuts/bypasses that allow you to pick and chose just how much mileage you want to do.  Trail was completed March 2018.


We  worked with a developer to construct natural surface trails in and around a housing sub-division. When complete, there will be over 7 miles of hiking and biking trails. There will be multiple access points throughout the development, and will be open to the surrounding communities as well. There are 5 loops and 6.3 miles open as of April, 2018.

       Waterloo Park

The City of Denison contracted with us to reroute some eroded areas along a creek, and fix some other trail issues. We are also adding much new trail to various areas around the lake. We have rebuilt several bridges as well as adding a few. We have also assisted them with mapping the trail and placing signage for trail users. 


Contracted with private land owner to build trails on an 1800 acre family ranch. Built 7.5 miles and connected it with ranch roads to complete a 12 mile loop. 

Wildcatter Ranch

Hired to design and flag out a 5 loop, 5.5 mile trail system on a Resort Ranch.

Instructed ranch crew on building technics and furnished them with KMZ files to upload and follow if necessary.   Furnished a map based on KMZ files and

included signage locations. 

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